The Laurel Foundation
Mission Statement

To promote awareness for childhood cancer. We strive to support the necessary research to find a cure for this devastating disease so that every child that is diagnosed with cancer survives and leads a long, healthy and productive life. “The Laurel Foundation” will do this by hosting fundraisers and donating the proceeds to institutions both locally and nationally who support this cause.

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About the money:

The Laurel Foundation began in 2006. Our main sources of revenue are annual fundraisers in Louisville and Paducah, Kentucky. We also gladly accept donations. TLF is a registered 501(c) 3 not-for-profit charitable foundation, (tax ID # 20-5178914). Your support is tax deductible. The Board of Directors are: Jay Dortch, Cheryl Dortch and Terri Clark. Laurel and her brother Logan are ad hoc members.

To date over $418,920 has been raised with donations to the following:

a) Children’s Oncology Group/CureSearch, an organization that unites the world's largest pediatric cancer research organization, Children's Oncology Group, and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation: $46,000

This donation was restricted to research. CureSearch and the Children's Oncology Group develop and coordinate childhood cancer clinical trials. Through the work of these organizations, children with cancer, regardless of where they live, can access state-of-the art therapies and the collective expertise of world-renowned pediatric specialists. Virtually all the pediatric oncology units and staffs in North America and many abroad are members and share research, diagnoses and therapies. Their work enabled Laurel to stay in Louisville during her fight against cancer and get the same quality expertise as if she were at St. Jude's, Sloan Kettering or any child oncology unit.

b) Addison Joe Blair Cancer Center/Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY $136,075

This donation was directed to the Cancer Care for Children Fund on 7West. This is the floor on which Laurel spent much of her time during her treatment. The staff supported our entire family during her many days there. Norton Children’s Hospital is a member of the Children's Oncology Group and CureSearch. It is a not-for-profit hospital that cares for all children regardless of whether a family can pay or not. It is the primary pediatric hospital for the University of Louisville and is a part of Norton Healthcare.

c) Camp Quality of Kentucky: $30,500

This enabled four children to spend six days and five nights at summer camp with fellow survivors of cancer and those children still battling their cancer. Camp Quality is located in Bloomfield, Kentucky. The camp is run entirely on donations and provides a wonderful, loving, normal experience to the deserving campers.

d) The Ronald McDonald House: $20,000

This is a temporary home at or near the hospital for families who are forced to travel away from their home in order to get their child the best cancer treatment possible. They can stay at The Ronald McDonald House at little or no cost at all.

e) Jarrett’s Joy Cart: $1,000

This is an organization that delivers toys weekly to children going through cancer treatments in the hospital.

f) Gilda’s Club: $250

This organization delivers free support to anyone currently undergoing cancer treatments or to anyone who has completed their treatments. They have an innovative program that is an essential complement to medical care, providing networking and support groups, workshops, education and social activities.

g) Brookes Finding a Cure Foundation: $3,805

h) Donation to cancer patient/family: $28,389 [private donations to TLF specific to patient or family-not TLF donations]

I) St. Jude Children’s Hospital: $300

This is an organization that is raising money to try to find a cure for pediatric cancer. The main focus is on research, supporting Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation, Camp Quality, and other organizations that support the patients and their families that have to endure this horrific disease.

*We currently have $68,580 (as of 5/8/18) in cash. We will be making some donations later this year.

*We have had approximately $84,021 in expenses since starting the foundation in 2006.


The Laurel Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable foundation, (tax ID # 20-5178914). Your support is tax deductible.  The Board of Directors is: Jay Dortch, Cheryl Dortch, Terri Clark, and Jeff Cooper. Laurel and her brother Logan are ad hoc members.